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What is Laver Tennis

Laver Tennis is the newest way to play tennis in a fun, social & flexible team tennis league. Players can win awards, gear, tickets to ATP & WTA events, and a chance to hit with their favorite pros.

Most importantly, Laver Tennis is about having fun & meeting new people!


Two teams go head-to-head to compete in a Meet.

Meets consist of best of 3 matches, 2 singles & 1 doubles match.

Each team must play 4 players.

For Mixed Doubles meets, each team will play 1 Men’s singles, 1 Ladies singles, and 1 Mixed Doubles match.

The most exciting & social part of Laver Tennis - Matchups are chosen at the courts!

Enter your scores – earn awards & prizes!

Teams & Challenges

Teams consist of 4-6 players.

Any player on Laver Tennis may create a team.

Rosters can be filled by adding members on Laver Tennis or inviting friends by entering their emails. Team level is the average of all player levels on that team.

Teams & Players have the ability to find one another on the My Teams page.

The team creator is initially the Captain. Only Captains can edit teams. This role may be transferred to another member of the team.

Captains are responsible for scheduling the time & date of a meet after a challenge has been accepted.

Any player on a team may challenge another team, accept or decline a pending challenge, and enter the scores following the completion of a meet.


Meets take place at the home court facility of the team which made the challenge. If mutually agreed upon by captains, another facility can be used for the meet.

Each team must have a facility with at least 1 reserved court. Ideally, meets are played with at least 2 available courts. The Home team provides balls.

Each team must arrive with at least 4 players at the agreed upon time.

Matches are played as best of 3 sets with ad scoring. In a split of sets, teams play a third set. However, teams may agree to play a 10 point tiebreaker. If only 1 court is available, teams must play the 10 point tiebreakers so that the next match may begin quickly.


Let the fun begin!! This is where teams get to interact and meet players from other teams!

Matchups are determined on site once all players have arrived.

a. Singles Line 1: The Away Team Captain announces the first singles player from their lineup. The Home Team Captain then announces the opponent player from their lineup.

b. Singles Line 2: The Home Team Captain announces the second singles player from their lineup. The Away Team Captain then announces the opponent player from their lineup.

c. Doubles Line 3: The Away Team Captain announces the two doubles players from their lineup. The Home Team Captain then responds and announces the opponent doubles players from their lineup. (Note, if only 4 players from each team arrive, doubles line will automatically be played with players remaining on each team)

Strategy is a component to success in Laver Tennis. Each team has the ability to see the roster, levels, strengths, Singles or Doubles preference, and match history of their opponents. Both teams have the ability to strategically place certain players against certain opponents.

Injuries, Withdrawals, & Defaults

In the event of an injury during a match, the Captain of the other team has the discretion of how to handle it. We encourage teams to show good sportsmanship. If the injury is minor and scheduling allows, matches should be finished within the week. If the match cannot be completed, the captain may enter the score as if the player had won all remaining games or enter tiebreak score of 7-6. (Example, a player retires losing 6-3 4-2, the captain can enter the score as 6-3 6-2, or 6-3 7-6. This is up to the discretion of the captain of the team without the injured player.)

In the event of a withdrawal mid match, the other team will score as if their player(s) won all remaining games.

In the event of a no-show at the scheduled time of the meet, the captain of the team with the most players shall have the option to reschedule the missing line(s) or to enter the score as a default win.

Disputes & Sportsmanship

Players are expected to act as gentlemen & ladies. Disputes are to be resolved on court following official USTA rules. Should any other disputes arise, please email and our team will work to assist both teams.